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Kids Art Contest Opens Sept. 2, 2014 Hosted by Frogs Are Green, Photo Contest too!


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Uploaded By: Susan Newman. Added on: 30 September 2014. Location Jersey City


The 5th Annual Kids Art Contest 2014 and the 6th Annual Photo Contest hosted by Frogs Are Green, open on Sept. 2. So start drawing, painting, sculpting, and creating your best artwork! Photographers, start looking for frogs! There are 7 expert judges from across the USA and abroad for each contest! There will be cool prizes for the winners! Age groups are 3-6, 7-9, 10-12, and 13-16 for kids art and photography is open to frog lovers of all ages! Follow for all the details! - Susan Newman, founder, Frogs Are Green - Videography by Danny Chong.