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About me
Mom, Winnie & Kat Stylist, and transformer. (I love to turn trash to treasures!)
I believe that Encouraging is Empowering. and through it, I can overcome anything.

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United States


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work at home

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Winnie & Kat
Business description
Winnie & Kat is a women’s contemporary clothing company founded to provide a business opportunity to women throughout the United States via the social selling model.

Founded by Diane Prince Johnston in 2012, Winnie & Kat is a Malibu, California based company offering moderately priced fashion to women in every nook-and-cranny of the country. Inspired by a well-timed news special about Social Selling and empowering women’s entrepreneurial spirit, Diane knew this was her next calling. With a passion for helping women achieve their dreams by giving them the tools to do it themselves, Diane was sold!

Named for two integral women in Diane’s life, her mother Winnie and Cousin Cathy (Kat), Diane is motivated by their memories every day. Winnie and Cathy symbolize the core characteristics in which the company is run by: integrity, class, style and strength


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Anastasia Peterke

Anastasia Peterke

Winnie & Kat is an amazing new American made fashion company. Stylist share our comfort knits with you one on one, online, or (My Favorite) through in home trunk shows. We are hiring Awesome women that are ready to blaze trails! Id love to share with you.
- 5 years ago

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