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How Diane created her dream life and how you can too.

Uploaded By: Anastasia Peterke. Added on: 30 September 2014.

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"Optimism should be at the top of an Entrepreneur's Checklist. " - Alana Muller.

Once I woke up from my 6-year nap, I never stopped. I kept moving forward and persevered. Sure, there have been lots of mistakes along the way and failures too. The thing is to toss what doesn't work. Toss it fast! Keep the good and and learn from mistakes. I grow from experience, make the best decisions that I can with the information that I have and I keep a sense of humor.

Keep going. Keep moving. Only spend your time and energy on things that are either important, healthy for your body & soul... or really fun!

In the 90's, I thought that the only reason I was able to build a start up company was that I was in my 20's, had a husband as a business partner and was pre-kids. I would say, "I could have never done that with kids around." Now look. I'm a single mother of 3 daughters and 45 years old. I have just as much energy towards my passion as I did when I was 27.

My daughters say things like, "You are so strong, Mom," and "One day can I work with you?" Teenage girls. Who could have thought that they would be so supportive and respectful of my dream?

People ask me how I manage it all. The reason is that I don't do it all. I focus on priorities. I don't believe on running myself down and I don't answer every email. I don't pull all-nighters and I am not a perfectionist.

My foundation: three things that keep me happy are the family table (we sit down and eat breakfast and dinner together every day), good solid nightly sleep and lots of cardio! Reading keeps my head straight, journaling and I love my company. It's not really work. Winnie & Kat is more like an extreme passion and I feel excited to tell my story through action, empowering other women to do the same. And, yes, optimism. Entrepreneurs are known for "irrational optimism" and that is what I believe is the American Dream.