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I have been addicted to Christian bookstores my whole life, and love getting gifts for others! So when the opportunity came up to join a Christian home based business all about giving, I knew this was for me! Mary & Martha’s gift and home decor products where just what I loved to shop for, to use for weddings, birthdays, Christmas, or just because, and the dish ware and bake ware is just what I loved to use to serve others in my home, or to take to theirs! I have been married to my best friend, John, for 29 years! My how time flies! John farms and I worked in Radiology for 30 years (MRI mainly), and we have 4 wonderful children that amaze me each day! Our 3 daughters are grown, working and living all on their own, and 1 son at home yet in high school. We are far from perfect, and make lots of mistakes, but I am so proud of our kids, family is the love of my life! Otherwise, I am just an ordinary wife and mother who tries to live a life helping, serve, and give to others, following where God leads me each day. While I may not ever be known for something big I've done in life, I hope when someone remembers me or sees the item I gave them, they feel the love I have for them. I just am so thankful for all the blessings God gives me, and the wonderful people He has put in my life.

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Mary & Martha
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Mary & Martha was founded by DaySpring and is owned by Hallmark®. Their name is after the women in the bible who ate with Jesus in their home, Martha who served the meal, and Mary sat listening and loving Jesus. Mary & Martha combines these two actions (service & love) in their items, as many are great for serving others, but each piece also shares God's love by the message on it.


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