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Saving with Sara

by sara graff
sara graff
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on Thursday, 14 August 2014
Welcome to Saving with Sara. I am a wife and a stay at home mom of 2. I have always been a couponer and bargain hunter, so in May 2010 I started Saving with Sara so I could share all my savings with you. Each day I will post coupons, deals, freebies and more! Look for my product and attraction reviews. Like my blog? Be sure to share it with family and friends. Have something that should be posted on my site? Let me know! Thanks for visiting my primitive blog, I'm glad your here.
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Only the selfish stay broke! As moms we can be selfish - Right

by LaVone Trotman Mason
LaVone Trotman Mason
I luv NYC. Drove from Brooklyn to Fifth Avenue. I love to see all the people b
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on Friday, 18 May 2012
If we are honest with our self we really don’t want a business. Lets face it is hard work and to be successful you need to come out of your comfort zone. We want the benefits of being in business for ourselves such as time to do what ever we want, to finish sleeping when we are ready. We want the money to pay all our bills and not have debt. We want the cash to pay for big tickets things items like cars, houses, college and vacations. As moms we want the time to nurture our children instead of rushing to cook, help with homework, rushing to get all the chores done during the weekend. What would more money do for you, your family? I believe that the most changing benefits of owning a business is the Freedom in most areas of your life. Now is the time to improve your lifestyle. Don’t be selfish, your life, your children, you family, your friends and others depend on your next move. Make it count.

Earn more money now! Yes! now during recession. In history more wealth have been created during recessions.
If you are sick and tired of being broke. Then you owe it to yourself, your family and friends take a serious look at this solution to all your financial problems. You too can change your lifestyle and enjoy all those benefits plus have fun doing it.

See why I and so many others are excited about the change our financial life and lifestyle. Remember only the selfish stay broke! Go ahead click this link – what are you waiting for!!!!!


See you on the other side.
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