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Retweets made easy - using social media to spread your message

by Tammy
Stay tuned ladies......this site is currently undergoing a face lift. It will b
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on Aug 15 in Home was created to perform retweets.

It's that simple and it's easy to participate.

You decide what you retweet.

You decide who retweets your stuff. - retweeting credit system

Introducing RETWEETER.US lets users give & receive retweets using a credit points system.

Earn credit points

  • upon joining
  • by following users
  • by performing RTs
  • by referring others to


Use credit points

  • to tempt new followers
  • by requesting RTs


How it works

Get ReTweets (use credit points)

  • login with twitter account
  • click "submit tweet" & compose tweet
  • set credit points offer (amount of credit points you will give each user who performs RT)
  • specify minimum # of followers required (user not meeting follower minimum won't see your request)
  • set desired number of RTs (your request will remain qued until desired number of RTs performed)


Give ReTweets (earn credit points)

  • login with twitter account
  • click "retweet"
  • choose which tweets you want to RT


Join before November 30, 2013 and receive 5000 credit points.


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if you notice anything not working right, email me using the form above. I noticed this morning some of the sites photo upload ability is not working. I'd appreciate your letting me know if anythings not working.