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Find customers by location on Twitter with free tool #DFW #mom #entrepreneur #socialmedia

by Tammy
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on Feb 27 in Marketing


To find customers, you must know where to look.

Use these tools:

The tools are http://www.Tweeplesorter.com &

An example - the link shows the number of common followers of two twitter users:  Kathy Meyer, iphone app developer @2cre8 and myself @tammywjones

The results can be sorted by name, screen name, location, followers or following.  Results can also be saved as lists in your twitter account.

Click to view (image 1)


The second screen shot (image 2)  is from (an alternative to Hootsuite) and it also shows that 331 people follow both Kathy Meyer & Kim Lavine.  This list is sorted by the number of followers.  What does that mean?  That means, this screen shot depicts the most influential follower of both Kathy & Kim.  Turns out it's the President of the United State Barack Obama with his 2770668 followers!  Needless to say, many people follow Barack Obama on Twitter!

Click to view (image 2)

Who are your most influential followers?

The 3rd item (image 3) below shows a complete list of the 331 people following both Kathy & Kim, sorted by location.


These are people interested in both women (brands)

Extremely Valuable Tool

The real value lies with 's ability to display users, then sort them by location and even store query results as a list.

When visiting and if you don't get desired results, that means the api limit has been temporarily exceeded, so wait a few minutes and then try again.

The tools do more than I've explained in this post.  They show you who follows you that you don't follow back and even more.  Please feel free to visit and check out what you can learn.  Come back here and let me know what you found.

Click to view (image 3)

Find Customers


I'm a real fan of Kim Lavine's which is why I used her as an example in the post.

The final screen shot (image 4) Use the twitter tools, to see if one persons follows another.  I entered @mommymillionair and myself @tammywjones and noticed, she doesn't follow me!  LOL  So with the tool's feature of (see those you follow who don't follow back) , it was easy to unfollow her!  ADDITIONAL NOTE:  Kim Lavine has stopped using the twitter handle mommymillionair - hope it wasn't anything I said...

Click to view (image 4)

Do your favorites follow you?


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