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Baby Countdown app tracks days to birth #iphone #android #mom #entrepreneur

by Tammy
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on Monday, 13 May 2013

Fun app works as announcement, countdown or invitation

The android app is available in Google Play

The iphone version can be purchased here

Custom Baby Countdown

  • Enter name or event title
  • Due date or event date
  • Choose from many backgrounds
  • Share on facebook
  • Upload own images (sonogram or new baby)
  • Re-arrange and re-size countdown blocks
  • Rearrange text
  • Change text color

Photo #1 - the feature graphic in Google Play

Photo #2 - Users can load their own pictures & change text color.  My daughter is pictured.

As a mother & hopefully a grandmother some day this app is near and dear to my heart.  It includes some very personal elements.  The knitted background image (one of 10 available choices) was actually knitted by my own mother!  I shot the photo myself (with a Sony AS10 macro setting), see image #1. Mom has always loved to knit & crochet (like her mother) so this was an area where the two of us could set aside our mostly, rocky relationship.  She was 16 when I was born, my father 15.  Two years later they had my brother.  Knitting & crocheting has always been a favorite past time of hers. A talent she taught & passed on to my two daughters.  Photo #2 demos the ability for customers to load their own photos.  Photo #2 is the actual hospital photo of my youngest daughter who is now in her 20's.

The android app is available in Google Play

The iphone version can be purchased here

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