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do you sell maternity or bridal products? if yes check this out

by Tammy
Stay tuned ladies......this site is currently undergoing a face lift. It will b
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on Sunday, 26 May 2013

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Wedding Countdown available for android in Google Play

Wedding Countdown

Baby Countdown Available for android in Google Play

Baby Countdown Available for iphone & ipad in iTunes

  • Track days to baby's birth
  • Use as baby shower invitation
  • Send updates throughout pregnancy, include sonogram photo
  • Use as baby's arrival announcement - just share on Facebook
  • Treasured keepsake. After maternity leave share baby's photo with co-workers with this cool app.

babycountdown1024x500take2Customizable countdown to baby's due date. Enter baby's name or last name or event name, and due date or event date. Can be used as baby shower countdown or invitation with Facebook sharing. This fun app displays the number of days, hours, minutes and seconds until the expected arrival of the new baby. Great for expecting parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles....or anyone interested. Cute blue and pink blocks make up the countdown to the expected date. These blocks can be re-sized and moved around the screen. Change text color, reposition title and date. Choose one of many backgrounds or load a photo of your own. Load sonogram or shower photos and share them. Use as birth announcement when baby is born, by loading image of newborn and sharing with family and friends on Facebook.

Sponsorships available - click here for more information on sponsoring Wedding Countdown & Baby Countdown in both itunes & android markets.


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