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by Tammy . Updated: 4 years ago

I will give a cup cake - testing am I able to post item for give away with photo and link test test test this is how we do it.  Give an item to the online bridal shower!  Post it here on this groups wall under recent activities
Get Bridal Bingo!  A mobile app bridal shower game!
You're invited to the online Bridal Shower!  Give an item to the bride and get free advertising.  Just list your item here with photos and links.  Start links with http:// and you'll be fine!
I have a 5 day  sample for a lucky bride. Le-Vel has premium nutritional products that help with mental clarity, have more energy, weight management, inflammation support, and sleep so much better! The Thrive products have given me so much. I have lost over 30 pounds with a healthy lifestyle and Thrive and sleep soundly. It's free to be a customer or promoter!
GG Soaps Variety2
Perfect for crafting or organizing, you’ll find so many uses for this amazing bag! Extended shoulder straps make it easy to tote, and extra pockets keep you even more organized. I will donate the pattern of the brides selection with free personalization.
Looking for a fun way to treat your bridal party? Have a wrap and facial party!!  $25/wrap or facial for 4 or more guests, and the Bride will wrap FREE!!
Hi everything!  Love to share our wonderful personalized wedding favors, unity candles and bridal party gifts with brides and grooms to be.  All in our personalized gift store at<br />...